Stone Garden Walls

Stone Garden Wall

We’re often asked to build stone garden walls and had 2 jobs in a row. One customer was in Llandygai, to the north of Bangor and the other in a village near to Porthmadog.

One customer had an existing brick built garden wall that was totally at odds with the area and we replaced this with a stone wall, far more in keeping with North Wales.

A decorative stone garden wall really adds personality to a property and we all know how important first impressions can be.

Stone Garden Walls – Strong & Stable

A stone garden wall is a decorative boundary to a property but it must be strong and stable. A dodgy wall is a danger to passers by and traffic. There have been cases where garden walls have collapsed on to people causing injury.

Like a dry stone wall, these walls are double skinned but with a core of concrete and strengthening mesh. Unlike dry-stone walls, these walls won’t be liable to collapse into the road potentially causing a traffic accident.

As with all building, constructing a good stable foundation is critical so we pay particular attention to the footings before we start.

Quality Stone

All rocks and stones differ so to ensure the best possible finish we buy direct from the quarry, selecting the stone to suit the task.

Stone Garden Wall

Footings in so we are starting to build the wall.

Stone Garden Wall

It’s important to allow time for the lower parts to set properly before going higher or the wall can deform

Stone Garden Wall

Construction finished, coping set along the top and pointing finished.

Stone Garden Wall

Properly built the traffic is safe from the road and the garden safe from the traffic!