Repair Render, Paint Building in Caernarfon

Finished Job

It’s not an unusual job for us to repair the render or even completely re-render a building and painting it after means we leave the job totally finished. This job was a bit unusual though.

It’s a 4 story, mid-terraced town house so we had to scaffold and ensure pedestrians were protected from falling debris or dropped tools.

The most difficult part was re-rendering a large – 5 metres, 16 pots – chimney stack. Not a job for the high winds we ‘enjoy’ around here!

I like this sort of job, you can really see something for your efforts when you pack the tools on the van for the last time.

Scaffold Erected

Scaffold Erected – ready for the work to commence


Chimney finished and looking smart

Finished Job

Finished Job, scaffold gone and another happy client